Each Tuesday Evening at 7:00pm

Join us each Tuesday evening beginning  for adult ed. in person and on Zoom.

The Gospels | May 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st @ 7:00pm

Join Father Stephen, in-person in the Guild Room and on Zoom, for our next Tuesday night program. This series will be on The Gospels. In it, we will discuss who wrote each Gospel, when they were written, their contexts, and how they are similar or different from one another. 

If you've ever wondered why there are different Gospels, why there are differences between the Gospels, or why some stories, while similar, are somewhat different, we will talk about that in this class. 

Week 2: May 17th at 7:00pm The Gospel of Matthew | Zoom Link
Week 3: May 24th at 7:00pm The Gospel of Luke | Zoom Link
Week 4: May 31st at 7:00pm The Gospel of John | Zoom Link


















Our "Evangelists" stained glass windows here at Christ Church.


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