The West Wing and

The Theology of Jed Bartlet

A Four Week Christian Education Curriculum

Tuesdays at 6:30 on Zoom

As we enter the 4-week stretch leading up the General Election on Tuesday November 3rd, Father Stephen is offering an entertaining and easy way to engage our faith and our politics with one of his all-time favorite TV series. While in seminary, Father Stephen, and 3 of his classmates and professors, put together an adult formation project based around faith and the West Wing.

Have you ever watched the West Wing? It follows the fictional Presidency of Jed Bartlet, a devout Catholic. Throughout his presidency, President Bartlet’s role as the most powerful man in the world intersects with his deeply personal religious beliefs.

This program will begin on Tuesday October 6th, and will run each Tuesday in October, at 6:30pm on Zoom. We will watch the episode together (but, you can watch on your own beforehand, there is nothing wrong with some West Wing bingeing…!) and then discuss the episode. Join us!


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