2021 Construction Update


Summer 2021 Christ Church Sanctuary Renovation

In June 2021, the Vestry of Christ Church approved a partial renovation of the Christ Church Sanctuary and 1971 Casavant Organ.


Covered window on East side of Church in Altar Guild hallway uncovered. 


Mosaic of the Last Supper found in Church undercroft.


First coats of paint go up in the Nave.


What has happened so far?

New sheet-rock on the walls of Sanctuary


New maple flooring laid on damaged areas.


Old credence & altar walls removed for electrical work and liturgical functionality. 


1971 Casavant Organ console removed and organ pit filled in with new leveled maple floor in chancel area.

Newly refurbished Casavant organ console ordered and on way.


Broken HVAC units removed with 3 new units on the way. 


Altar Guild linen hallway window uncovered.


New coat of paint on sanctuary walls.

Mosaic of Last Supper found in Church undercroft.


The old Casavant console has been removed as well as the organ pipes covered during construction.


Above: New maple flooring over the pit where the former organ console sat.

Below: New maple flooring to repair damaged floor in Nave near Sacristy hallway door.

What Is Next?

Newly upgraded lighting in the Church over the Nave, Crossing, and Chancel.

Refinishing the wood floors and new carpeting to be installed.

Organ Console to be delivered. 

Pulpit to be moved to "liturgical center," left of altar.

HVAC units installed.

Final painting.

The roof of the Sanctuary to be replaced. 

Painting Crossing.JPG

Painting begins in the Apse and the Chancel.